Little helpers

Here is a cat nesting in my wardrobe. 


My cats are very helpful. Here is a cat helping with an art project.


Here is a cat helping me assemble flat pack furniture. 


Here are some cats helping me unpack after moving house.  

Seriously, though, cats do help. I’ve had these two since they were small enough to sleep curled up in my hand. They were dumped in a ditch and my mum found them; she called me, I lured them to me with dog treats and took them home wrapped up in her jumper. Aside from the emotional attachment, they help keep me safe: having other living creatures rely on you for food makes you think twice before acting on your darker thoughts, and sometimes thinking twice gives you just enough time to get help. They also help me monitor my mood: if I feel like I’m a responsible owner and looking after them well, I know I’m doing ok. If I feel like they’d be better off without me, I know it’s time to talk to someone about my safety.

So there we go. Lots of pictures of cats. What else is the internet for?


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