Wuthering Heights

My phone’s autocorrect function wanted me to title this post ‘Withering Heights,’ but I have resisted.

Had a few text-heavy posts lately, so thought I’d share the final project I made at my bookbinding class a few weeks ago: another flag book, of this poem I wrote quite a lot of years ago.

The black text is the poem, the red is the passage it’s based on, from Wuthering Heights. The pattern on the covers is what happens if you wet down watercolour paper and drop ink on it – the colour spreads out through the water. Great way to entertain yourself if you feel too crappy to do any proper art. Been having a bit of a blip the last few weeks so since the referendum result I have basically just been alternating between throwing ink at wet paper and frantically checking Twitter.

You can turn the pages like a normal book and just get either the poem or the passage, and then it opens out so that the two are interlocked:


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