Everything is on fire and I keep drawing otters

So it turns out I may have jinxed things by saying I’d beaten my longest-time-out-of-crisis-record. I’m back at the women’s crisis house after 4 and a half months at home and a week in hospital. It doesn’t seem very fair that I get a discharge date from the ward and then Theresa May promptly announces a snap election which sends my anxiety spiralling again, but there you go. I live in a marginal seat that Labour won by about a thousand votes last time, and I honestly believe the Tories are out to get people like me (doesn’t count as paranoia if it’s evidenced by policy). I have responded to the news by joining the Labour Party and adding to my collection of drawings of significant otters. Activism and puns, that’s how we’re gonna get through this.

Romantic otter
Anotter one
Long otter


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