Studio Upstairs Review

Every month, at Studio Upstairs, a different person puts their work up on the walls and gives a talk about it. April was my month, and marked almost exactly two years since I started attending. I signed up two weeks beforehand because the person who initially put themselves forward pulled out, and the only way I ever get anything done is to say I’ll do it and not give myself time to back out, which is not an ideal life approach if you have a tendency to get overwhelmed and fall apart mentally. I put my artwork up at the beginning of the month and promptly fell apart mentally. I don’t think the two were actually that related as there was a lot else going on, but it’s why it’s taken me a while to blog about it and didn’t give my talk until yesterday, the last possible day. Mostly it made me realise that I am not very good at finishing things. Evidence:

This is my plan for a book of hand pictures. I have a thing about hands: they were the first thing I learned to draw. When I started art therapy I used to fingerpaint and do handprints (when I could bring myself to do anything at all), and then I started drawing around my hands, then drawing them properly. The photocopies are selections from two years’ worth of sketchbooks, and the framed image is the only page for the book that I’ve actually finished.

The Book of Hands
Wuthering Heights (flag book) & silk embroidery on canvas

More detail about the flag book is here.

Handspun yarn, yet to be knitted
Otters, etc.




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