Giveaway for Charlottesville

I’m Jewish(ish) and bi. I am mostly too mental to go on demos or get involved in direct action. There’s not a lot I can do about the Nazis being back or the world being on the brink of nuclear war. But donate to one of the following organisations and I will add you to a prize draw for some FREE ART. 

UK based organisations that Nazis hate:

Right to Remain

Gendered Intelligence (trans youth work organisation)

Arts Emergency

Southall Black Sisters

US based / Charlottesville local organisations:

Charlottesville NAACP

Charlottesville Pride

Any other organisation listed here – I know very little about the local political work which goes in Virginia on account of living in London but this is a list by a smart writer called Sara Benincasa who has done her research.

I feel very pretentious doing this (like haha who do I think I am) but I don’t know how else to help. Just email me on, comment below, or message me on Twitter (@rrowanolive) or Instagram (@rachelrowanolive) to let me know who you donated to. I’ll pick the winners in a week’s time (Saturday 19 August) and get in touch so I can send out prizes.

Prizes available:

Set of 4 politics themed postcards (x 2)

Goldilocks and the Three Therapists zine in colour of your choice (x1)

Pair 2 A4 prints (unframed) (x2) 

A is for Awkward zine in colour of your choice (x1) 

Pair of “Party animal” handpainted & collaged birthday/greetings cards (otter / cat / dog – your choice) (x2)

3 thoughts on “Giveaway for Charlottesville

  1. Donated to Gendered Intelligence and Arts Emergency – the second one in particular hit home with me as someone who wants to go into acting, it’s important to me that everyone has the same opportunities within the industry that I do! Thank you for sharing these charities x

  2. Gendered Intelligence and Charlottesville Pride – THANK YOU for this, you do yourself a discredit, you are doing much more than you think and the importance of being aware and as active as you can be is so beautiful. Eventually we can effect change, despair is not the answer. Love xxxx

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